About ASVAB Prep Tests

What is ASVAB Prep Tests?

We are glad you asked! Asvab Prep Tests is a leading provider of practice exams, which help students prepare for, and score highly on, the ASVAB exam.  Our practice exams are nearly identical to the actual ASVAB; covering all of the topics that you will face during the test.

Our Testing Center, available in both mobile and online versions, provide dozens of exam styles to make your study time as efficient as possible. When you initiate an exam, the appropriate number of multiple-choice questions are pulled from our library of over 1,500 proven questions.

The flexibility of the Testing Center allows you to take exams of different lengths (# questions) as well as target specific question categories. Better utilize your valuable time by focusing on the areas where you need the most practice.

That's the power of ASVAB Prep Tests. Please visit the standard version of our website for complete details on the Testing Center, proven results and pricing information.